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December reading plans

It’s “stick season” as they say where I live, which means that all the leaves have fallen and the forests are like webs of bare branches. Mornings are frosty, days are short, and I’ve gone searching in my drawers for my favorite knit hat again. Downtown they’ve hung wreaths and lights from the lampposts and shops are putting out their festive signs and decorations. Unbelievably, somehow, it’s the final month of the year once more.

I love this time of year–there’s a buzz in the air, a particular energy as people chat about holiday plans and scope out which gifts they’re going to buy for their loved ones. I adore the lights and decorations, the wreaths and pine trees and little candles in the windows of houses. And, of course, I love cozying up during the long December evenings with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

I don’t have many specific reading plans for December, but there are a few goals that I would like to keep in mind:

  • Continue making my way through my complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories (my general goal is to read about 100 pages each week).
  • Tie up loose ends with any books I’ve been in the middle of for a while so I can go into 2023 with a clean reading slate.
  • Read at least one festive book (any holiday book recommendations would be very much appreciated).

Do you have any December reading plans? Any favorite holiday books? I’d love to know.

Take care xx

3 responses to “December reading plans”

  1. 100 pages each week is such a realistic and thoughtful idea! how do you make time to be active? or do you simply make the best of the cozy times?

    and awesome how you described the season and it’s quirks that we carry with us ha ha


    1. Thank you so much! As far as being active, I like to do yoga each morning before work. Happy holidays!


  2. […] Holly @Nut Free Nerd posted her reading plans for December […]

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