Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 5}


The time has finally come: I have finished reading Gone with the Wind!! Today I share my thoughts on the fifth and final installment in this classic American novel. Feel free to catch up with any of my previous posts in this series by clicking here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. It’s been a long journey, but it was definitely worth it!

Be aware that the “Thoughts” section may contain spoilers, but the “Overall” section will be spoiler-free!


  • p. 863: Melanie is so loyal to Scarlett! I’m glad someone in Atlanta still has Scarlett’s back, especially after the big mess with the Ku Klux Klan and Frank’s death. Why can’t the rest of Atlanta see that Rhett saved their men from the Yankees? Will they ever come to accept that fact as reality?
  • p. 874: You can already see the money changing Scarlett for the worse. Oh, I don’t know if this is going to end well!
  • p. 882: Scarlett is having ANOTHER baby? Also, I’m not so sure that Scarlett and Rhett have a very healthy relationship…
  • p. 888: Awww, Rhett is so good with Wade! He treats him like Wade is his own son.
  • p. 891: Bonnie Blue Butler ❤ Such an adorable name!
  • p. 926: OH NO, Scarlett and Ashley were caught! But what did they think would happen? Melanie was bound to find out sooner or later!
  • p. 937: Rhett is insane!! What if he hurts her?
  • p. 944: Everything is falling apart! Now they’re talking about a divorce?! I really hope this book has at least a sort of happy ending!
  • p. 979: I think Scarlett has finally realized that all of her money hasn’t made her as happy as she thought initially thought it would.
  • p. 982: What irony: Ashley and Rhett working together to break up the Ku Klux Klan in Atlanta!
  • p. 991: OH MY GOODNESS, Bonnie died just like Gerald!! That’s so tragic! (And also a bit creepy.) Rhett will be absolutely devastated!
  • p. 994: The image of Rhett with Bonnie’s corpse in his bedroom is disturbing. And the way he insist on keeping the lights on because she’s afraid of the dark– is her really in denial that Bonnie is actually dead?
  • p. 1016: Scarlett has finally realized that she never actually loved Ashley, only an idealized image of him that she had convinced herself was real.
  • p. 1037: AHHHHHH.

June (2)

“The old days had no glitter but they had a charm, a beauty, a slow-paced glamour.” (p. 924)

This is such a beautiful, elegant description of the nostalgia that consumes Ashley.

“As usual they would cast the blame upon the woman and shrug at the man’s guilt.” (p. 927)

Once again, Mitchell emphasizes the ridiculous gender inequality entrenched in the Southern way of life. I greatly appreciate Mitchell’s direct forthrightness when it comes to addressing this topic, especially regarding the boldness of Scarlett’s character.

“Suddenly it was as if Ellen were lying behind that closed door, leaving the world for a second time.” (p. 1027)

Even in death, it appears as though Melanie is an embodiment of Ellen. In my mind, Melanie is the woman who Ellen probably wished Scarlett would become. I think the juxtaposition between Scarlett and Melanie is absolutely fascinating– it’s definitely a topic that I’ll dive deeper into in the future!

“After all, tomorrow is another day.” (p. 1037)

I can’t imagine a better last line for this novel. It perfectly captures the tone and essence of the story, that life goes on and on despite all of the bad things that are happening. It’s so simple, but so fitting!

June (1)

Wow. Just, wow. I don’t even really know how to begin explaining my thoughts on the conclusion of this wild, wonderful story. It certainly didn’t end the way I thought (or even hoped) that it would, but I can’t imagine it ending any other way. So much happened within the last 50 pages or so that it still really hasn’t completely sunk in. Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed and astounded by this brilliant novel and I’m so glad that I decided to finally read it this summer!

I’m definitely going to need some time to process everything and form some coherent opinions about this. I plan on posting a full review soon, so stay tuned!

I can’t believe it’s over! What am I going to do now?!?! *cue the inevitable book hangover*

What are your thoughts on Gone with the Wind? Let me know in the comments section below!




17 responses to “Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 5}”

  1. Gone with the Wind is one of my absolute favorites of all time. Though when I read it, I didn’t really consciously consider all the feminist ideas, so that was great to read about here. For withdrawal, I suggest the movie (which dropped/changed a lot and is not quite as good but still very decent). I went so far as to read the sequel written by someone else, Scarlett, but didn’t love it as much, obviously. Anyway, great post(s) about a great book!!

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    1. I’ve heard some mixed things about the “sequel” as well, so I’m still deciding whether or not I want to read it. I’ll definitely check out the movie at some point, though. Thanks so much!! 🙂


  2. I’ve been following your thoughts throughout, but I wanted to keep quiet until you drew your own conclusions. I SO AGREE ON SO MANY POINTS, and I feel like you saw a lot I didn’t see. For example, RHETT. It took me a few reads to lost the “romantic allure” if him and realize he is emotionally abusive. When I read it, I’m trying to process why Mitchell wrote him the way she did — what point she might be making. I’m not quote there yet, but if you are curious, here are my briefly journaled remarks after my fifth read last December. (At a new blog. I moved.) I write on the novel a lot though, so if you are curious, just go the the “Gone with the Wind” tag at my blog.

    I loved reading your thoughts and love that you reacted in real time page by page. YAY FOR THE BEST NOVEL EVER AND MANY HUGS. 🙂

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    1. LOL. Pardon the typos. You can probably make out what I’m saying above. 😛


    2. I’m so glad we agree on so many things! That’s really good question– I’d love to know what Mitchell was thinking when she decided to make Rhett such an ambiguous character. There are times when I can’t help but like him, but there are also scenes when his unpleasant side shows for all to see and it makes me think twice about him. I’ll definitely have read your posts about it!
      Thanks so much for discussing and fangirling about this with me along the way!! ❤ ❤

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      1. You’re welcome!! When you think about it, an unlikeable character you can’t help but like is fairly human, & quite a bit like Scarlrett. And even Melanie. I mean, I like Melanie — a lot. But then there are times I want to shake her and tell her to toughen up, or be less sweet. 🙂 Pardon me for being wholly erratic, but I’ve moved back to WordPress. If ever you decide to stop by. It looks better on a Smart Phone than Blogger. (I am also unlikeable for being so indecisive… )

        Anyway, here are my final thoughts on Gone with the Wind last year. 😉

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      2. I felt the same way about Melanie. I loved her, but at the same time she did some things that were definitely questionable (but understandable, I guess, given the dire circumstances). haha no problem, I’ll check out your thoughts on WordPress then! 🙂


  3. I so enjoyed reading your thoughts! GWTW is the very first thing I ever watched on television. My mom rented a TV, since we didn’t own one, and let me stay up *really* late 2 nights in a row to watch it. I don’t think I was even in school yet!

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    1. Thanks so much! Wow, that’s such a good memory to have of your first TV experience, though! I’m planning on watching the movie soon, and I can’t wait to see how it compares to the book.

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  4. Yes, that’s basically how the ending felt for me too! So glad you enjoyed the ride and can’t wait to read your review 🙂

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  5. […] 4. Read Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. It has finally happened: I read all 1037 pages of Gone with the Wind!! Let me tell you, I did not expect it to be the wild, emotional rollercoaster ride that it was. This is such a brilliant novel, not only for its story but for its views on gender equality, the Civil War and Reconstruction, poverty, love, loss, and life. A full review is on its way, but for now you can read my immediate thoughts about it here.  […]


  6. One of the best ever written… Read it so very long ago…must sink my teeth in again…thanks for the reminder…You are being Heard.

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  7. Do you know the name of the font you are using? The font used in the orange image dividers: ‘thoughts’ & ‘overall’. I’m searching everywhere for it!


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