KILLING LINCOLN by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard | Review

The anchor of The O'Reilly Factor recounts one of the most dramatic stories in American history—how one gunshot changed the country forever. In the spring of 1865, the bloody saga of America's Civil War finally comes to an end after a series of increasingly harrowing battles. President Abraham Lincoln's generous terms for Robert E. Lee's surrender are… Continue reading KILLING LINCOLN by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard | Review


FIRST FAMILY by Joseph J. Ellis | Review

"The Pulitzer Prize-winning, best-selling author of "Founding Brothers" and "His Excellency "brings America's preeminent first couple to life in a moving and illuminating narrative that sweeps through the American Revolution and the republic's tenuous early years. John and Abigail Adams left an indelible and remarkably preserved portrait of their lives together in their personal correspondence: both… Continue reading FIRST FAMILY by Joseph J. Ellis | Review



I've been fascinated by the life and writing of Frederick Douglass ever since reading his autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1845) in my Introduction to Literature class during my very first semester of college. Born into slavery, Douglass eventually escaped to the North, became a free man, and rose to be a prolific orator… Continue reading FREDERICK DOUGLASS by William S. McFeely


THE QUARTET by Joseph J. Ellis | Review

The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789 is a comprehensive, cohesive, carefully crafted analysis of the transition from distinctly powerful states in America under the Articles of Confederation to a nation of united states under the newly ratified Constitution. By focusing on the brilliant men who made this shift possible-- George Washington, John Jay, Alexander… Continue reading THE QUARTET by Joseph J. Ellis | Review

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LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott | Review

The enduring popularity and praise of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women has intrigued me for some time. I couldn't help but wonder what made this classic American novel stand out among its neighbors, particularly since it initially seemed to be a simple story about four sisters living during the Civil War. What is it about… Continue reading LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott | Review


WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED by Gail Collins | Review

When Everything Changed is an incredibly comprehensive account of how the role of women in society has changed throughout recent American history. Though I expected this book to have a certain level of detail in its research, I did not expect it to discuss this topic from such a wide variety of perspectives. Here the… Continue reading WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED by Gail Collins | Review

Books, Classics Club Challenge

GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell | Review

Before reading Gone with the Wind I had imagined that it would be a tragic tale of star-crossed romance set against the dramatic backdrop of the Civil War. In all honestly, I wondered how the such a story could possibly go one for over a staggering one thousand pages. Boy, do I stand corrected. In… Continue reading GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell | Review


Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 5}

The time has finally come: I have finished reading Gone with the Wind!! Today I share my thoughts on the fifth and final installment in this classic American novel. Feel free to catch up with any of my previous posts in this series by clicking here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. It's been… Continue reading Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 5}



Ever since I first learned about the Hamilton musical over a year ago I've been itching to read Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton. I've always had a passion for American history (flashback to my AP United States History class days), especially the early years of America becoming an independent nation. Several books about this topic sit on my bookshelf as… Continue reading ALEXANDER HAMILTON by Ron Chernow

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WWW Wednesdays: July 22nd

WWW Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words that asks three questions: What are you currently reading??? Right now I'm reading Don't Know Much About History by Kenneth C. Davis. I LOVE learning about United States history, and I'm really enjoying this book so far. It's basically gives a brief summary of… Continue reading WWW Wednesdays: July 22nd