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November reading plans

My October was filled with cozy, spooky reads, from Frankenstein and The Scarlet Letter to Practical Magic and everything in between. I embraced reading seasonally and loved how much more connected it made me feel to autumn. I hope to read similarly in November.

November has always felt like a sort of resting period to me, a month of recuperating from Halloween celebrations and gearing up for Christmas festivities. It’s a moment of transition, a much needed pause. November provides space to catch up, prepare, and breathe. I want my reading to reflect that sense of expansion.

While my October reads were filled with pumpkins and witches, my November reads will be more atmospheric, moody, and reflective. Novels like Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Jane Eyre come to mind as rereads for me. I’d also love to dive into something new–perhaps a sweeping saga like Anna Karenina.

What are you hoping to read in November? I’d love to know.

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8 responses to “November reading plans”

  1. My book choice for November is ‘David Copperfield’ – although I am a big Dickens fan, ir as a book I have never read. I also hope to read a biography of Robert LaFollette a progressive leader in Wisconsin who helped establish the Wisconsin Idea

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    1. Would love to read David Copperfield someday! Hope you enjoy!


      1. I am about 100 pages into David Copperfield and enjoying it immensely! If you haven’t read it, you oughta.

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  2. TheVery Rich Hours of Adrienne Monnier, a couple of books about the Lost Generation, in Paris. Have a long line-up, but starting with Monnier.

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  3. I always forget Practical Magic is a book. I love the movie, it might be one of my favourite spooky films. Do you recommend the book/have you seen the film? For November, my goal is just to get back my passion for reading, anything at all haha

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    1. I haven’t seen the film, but Practical Magic as a book was so good!! Such great witchy vibes.

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