Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Wish Were On Social Media (Classics Edition!)

Happy Tuesday!! This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is to share ten authors that have a fun social media presence. However, I don't really follow many authors on social media these days. Instead, I'm going to share ten authors of classics that I wish could have been on social … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Wish Were On Social Media (Classics Edition!)


Today I'll be discussing a particularly four-legged Classic Couple: Animal Farm by George Orwell (1945) and Watership Down by Richard Adams (1972). Although these books may both be considered "classics" at times, they are rarely considered alongside one another. While Animal Farm is known for being an allegory for the Russian Revolution of 1917, Adams wrote in his Introduction that he … Continue reading A Classic Couple: ANIMAL FARM and WATERSHIP DOWN

A Classic Couple: 1984 and Illuminae

It's time for another Classic Couple, a feature inspired by a past Top Ten Tuesday list. George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 is known for being an unsettling masterpiece of dystopian fiction. Its literary influence spans decades since its initial publication in 1949, as shown by the many elements it shares with contemporary fiction such as … Continue reading A Classic Couple: 1984 and Illuminae

ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell | Review

George Orwell's classic novel Animal Farm has been on my reading radar for quite some time. After reading the unsettling 1984 a few years ago and his collection of essays titled Why I Write more recently, I've been meaning to tick Animal Farm off of my list as well. As is often the case, this impressive novel has left me with one question: … Continue reading ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell | Review

How Did I Do? | Bookish Goals for Summer 2016

  It's that bittersweet time of August once again: the end of summer. This weekend I move into my college dorm room to begin my sophomore year at Wheaton College (MA), and I couldn't be more excited. However, that also means that I have to say goodbye to an incredible summer filled with friends, family, … Continue reading How Did I Do? | Bookish Goals for Summer 2016

JULY 2016 | Wrap-Up

Oh, July. I always have mixed feelings about the seventh month (in fact, you can read all about them here). June is filled with the excitement of a new summer and August is brimming with the anticipation of a new school year, but July-- it's just kind of there. But this year I had such a busy … Continue reading JULY 2016 | Wrap-Up

BookTubeAThon 2015 TBR

It's BookTubeAThon time! You know what that means: plenty of fun challenges, a contagious community spirit, and TONS OF READING. This year the event runs from August 3rd to August 9th. If you haven't heard of the BookTubeAThon before or you want to learn more about it, you can check out the official Youtube channel … Continue reading BookTubeAThon 2015 TBR

QUOTE: George Orwell

"And above all, it is your civilization, it is you. However much you hate it or laugh at it, you will never be happy away from it for any length of time. The suet puddings and the red pillar boxes have entered into your soul. Good or evil, it is yours, you belong to it, and this side the … Continue reading QUOTE: George Orwell

Book Review: WHY I WRITE

Author: George Orwell Number of Pages: 120 Publisher: Penguin Books Release Date: 1946 "Whether puncturing the lies of politicians, wittily dissecting the English character or telling unpalatable truths about war, Orwell's timeless, uncompromising essays are more relevant, entertaining and essential than ever in today's era of spin." - This book is actually a collection of four essays written … Continue reading Book Review: WHY I WRITE

the value of bookstores.

Recently I went to my local bookstore just to look around. I didn't have any specific book in mind to buy, and I was simply taking my time browsing the shelves. I came across two books in particular that caught my eye, and eventually I decided to buy them. They are: The Crane Wife by Patrick … Continue reading the value of bookstores.