AS YOU WISH by Cary Elwes | Review

As you could probably tell from my review of William Goldman's The Princess Bride, I'm a huge fan of both the novel and movie adaptation. Eager for more of this fantastic story, I recently turned to Cary Elwes' book As You Wish in order to satisfy my fantasy-adventure-romance-comedy cravings. (I really don't know how else to describe the story of The … Continue reading AS YOU WISH by Cary Elwes | Review

THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman | Review

A few months ago I watched the movie The Princess Bride for the first time and I instantly knew that I would have to read William Goldman’s book of the same title. Rumor had it that there were significant differences between the two, and I wanted to know the truth behind the classic book vs. … Continue reading THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman | Review

I Go CAMPING! & Currently Reading

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a lovely week and you're ready for an even lovelier weekend! This is just a quick little post to let you all know that I'll be taking a four-day hiatus from blogging starting today because I'm going CAMPING! As you read this I'll be lounging on the beach by … Continue reading I Go CAMPING! & Currently Reading