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WAR AND PEACE by Leo Tolstoy | Review

It has always been a goal of mine to read Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel War and Peace at some point in my life. Prior to this past summer, I didn’t know much about this book besides that a) it’s HUGE, b) it’s written by a Russian author, and c) it takes place in the early nineteenth century. Little did I know that I would spontaneously embark on a long endeavor to read War and Peace this past summer (on top of all of my actual required reading…). I was motivated to do so when I learned about the War and Peace Newbie Read-A-Long hosted by Laura @ Reading in Bed. It’s so much easier to read such a tome when you know that plenty of bookworms are right beside you.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy this book. I knew that it would be fascinating at times and that the writing would be brilliant; however, I didn’t think I would find it particularly entertaining or engaging.

I stand corrected, friends.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but War and Peace is a page-turner. Coupled with a large cast of characters, the wide web of interconnected plot lines makes for a suspenseful and gripping read. The length was intimidating at first– my edition is 1156 pages long!– but the way it’s divided into sections helps keep you motivated as you read. I found myself thinking about the characters and what would happen next even when I wasn’t reading– the sure sign of a great book!

My favorite character to follow is Pierre because he has such interesting thoughts about what it means to live a happy, fulfilling life. From his sudden wealth and travels to his initiation into the Freemasons and eventual imprisonment, Pierre experiences enough in this novel to make one’s head spin. In many ways he is the heart and soul of the story.

Tolstoy’s fascinating discussions about history and how it should be told were pleasant surprises. He argues that historians are foolish for focusing primarily on figures who are considered “great heroes” because often they actually had little to do with causing and shaping events. I hadn’t expected these digressions in a work of fiction, though their incorporation makes sense due to the novel’s reliance on historical events.

“If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.”

Reading War and Peace has made me think about history from a different perspective. What role does history play in literature? What role does literature play in history? Are writers historians? If so, are they historians inherently or must they actively choose to be? I love books that make me ask these kinds of questions!

Overall, I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed War and Peace. If you’re at all intimidated by its length or afraid that it is too dull to sit through, I urge you to set those thoughts aside and give it a try! My only regret is not reading Tolstoy’s writing sooner.

Would I recommend it to a friend?: Yes!

What are your thoughts on War and Peace? Have any recommendations for other pieces of Russian literature that I should read? Let me know in the comments section below!



21 responses to “WAR AND PEACE by Leo Tolstoy | Review”

  1. great review! i am still at the begining of it, but i like it and i really want to push through 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I can’t wait to hear what you think of W&P when you’re done!

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  2. It’s on my tbr tooo 💜

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    1. I hope you enjoy it!! ❤


  3. I held off reading it till I was in my late fifties, and now wish I’d read it sooner. It’s certainly one of my favorite books, Tolstoy in great form and not preachy (as he gets in “Anna Karenina”). It taught me more about human nature than any other piece of literature I’ve encountered. Tolstoy pulls off what Henry James only wished he could do, and he does it in a story of Homeric scope.

    Plus, as Holly said, it’s a hell of a good tale with vivid, well-realized characters. One of the best of the best.

    (I read the classic Constance Garnett translation.)

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    1. I’ve heard mixed things about Anna Karenina, but I’m nevertheless intrigued to see how it measures up to War and Peace. There are so many books that I wish I had read sooner!


  4. I think the size of the book puts me off attempting to read it. I enjoyed the BBC’s adaptation of it last year. Give it a watch it has the amazing James Norton and Paul Dano, and one of my favourites, Lily James.

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    1. Aww Lily James is so wonderful! I’ll definitely have to watch the adaptation some time! 🙂

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  5. I have never read War and Peace and I never planned on it– I just figured it was dry and boring. I’m surprised to hear how enjoyable it was to read! I might have to try it soon. As far as reading big books, I’ve found that if you read them on an e-reader you can’t get as intimidated by the size because you don’t have the physical reminder of their heft 😉

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    1. Oooh reading on an e-reader is a good tip! 🙂


  6. Wait, did I see that you called War and Peace a page turner??? It took me several attempts to get through Anna Karenina so once I finally finished it, I kind of mentally decided I couldn’t read any other books by Tolstoy. 🤷‍♀️ After seeing your review, though, I’m rethinking this… 👌

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    1. Haha yes! I haven’t read anything else by Tolstoy, so I was really surprised that I read this one so quickly. I’d be intrigued to see what his other novels are like, though.

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  7. Roof Beam Reader Avatar
    Roof Beam Reader

    Ha! “To be honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy this book. I knew that it would be fascinating at times and that the writing would be brilliant; however, I didn’t think I would find it particularly entertaining or engaging. I stand corrected, friends.” <– If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that! I love it… glad you took the plunge and enjoyed. It's a masterpiece for a reason and, I agree, once you're into it, it is far less intimidating than it feels before one begins reading.

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  8. I was absolutely the same, I found this book way too daunting to ever start reading; but as you said, once you get started it really is a great read and you do get sucked in to the story. Natasha and Pierre were definitely among my favourite characters, they were such a contrast to the others.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed W&P as well! It’s a shame that it has such an intimidating reputation because I think a lot of people would enjoy it if they gave it a chance.


  9. I am reading “War and Peace” at the moment (I read 2/3) and I also find it much more interesting than I thought at the beginning. For me it’s not really a page-turner, but for sure there are some parts that I enjoyed a lot!

    On my blog I am writing a “War and Peace” reading journey, if you are interested to check it out, here’s the link:

    Have a wonderful day!

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    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying W&P as well! Can’t wait to check out your reading journey 🙂


  10. Have you read Crime and Punishment?


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  13. […] I read this alongside a few other bloggers that summer (see my read-along intro post here) and it made the experience a lot more fun. I genuinely didn’t expect to really enjoy this tome, but I ended up pleasantly surprised. Tolstoy’s writing is fantastic, and I found myself connecting with the characters in ways I hadn’t thought I would. What I most remember from reading War and Peace that summer is how it made me think differently about history and literature’s role in interpreting and conveying history. If you’re ever wondering whether you should give this lengthy classic novel a go, I highly recommend it! {My review} […]


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