Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Years of TTT!

Happy Tuesday!! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is particularly special: it’s been TEN YEARS since this weekly post first started!!!! It’s wild to think that I’ve been doing Top Ten Tuesday posts for… SEVEN years now??? I look forward to these posts each week because it really feels like the book blogging community comes together to discuss, share, and bond over a love of reading. ❤

To celebrate TTT’s tenth anniversary, I’m going to share my favorite Top Ten Tuesday posts that I’ve ever done.

  1. Top Ten Tuesday: Kinds of Summer Readers
  2. Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Buy Your Rising College Senior
  3. Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos You Didn’t See Coming
  4. Top Ten Tuesday: Short Stories that Exceed Tall Expectations
  5. Top Ten Tuesday: Rules for Attending My Bookish Party
  6. Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I’ve (Shamelessly & Proudly) Written In
  7. Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Signs You’re a Book Lover…In Law School
  8. Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reasons I Love Classics (even after I’ve finished my English degree)
  9. Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish Younger Holly Had Read
  10. Top Ten Tuesday: Opening Lines in Classic Novels that Feel Very Relevant

What have been your favorite Top Ten Tuesday topics thus far? What keeps you doing Top Ten Tuesday posts week after week? Let me know in the comments section below!



25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Years of TTT!

  1. My favourite post of yours you mentioned is the “signs you’re a book lover in law school” one. ❤ While I do not do TTT's every week I pick the topics that seem interesting to me and do those ones (am I cheater??), haha. My favourite TTT posts I did so far where "books that give off summer vibes" and a freebie where I explained why I love mythology-inspired books so much.

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  2. I used to do Top 5 Wednesdays but there haven’t been any new topics recently. I’ve always been interested in TTT. The topics always seem so interesting and fun! Will have to try someday! 😀

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  3. Ahh I can’t believe there have been so many Top Ten Tuesday prompts!! And it’s incredible that you’ve kept up with them for so long- that is DEDICATION! I always love reading TTT posts 🤩 They’re so fun and interesting !

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