Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Should Talk About More!!

Happy Tuesday!! This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic asks us to share ten books that we enjoyed but rarely talk about. Sometimes it's easy to get in the habit of discussing and recommending the same handful of books pretty frequently, letting so many other great books fall between the cracks. I'm so glad that this … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Should Talk About More!!

5 Classics for March

In this series, I recommend five classics each month that remind me of that particular time of the year. For March I've decided to focus on a theme of change. Not only is the weather changing this time of year where I live, allowing our frozen bones to thaw, but unfortunate circumstances around the world … Continue reading 5 Classics for March

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I’ve (Shamelessly & Proudly) Written In

Happy Tuesday! This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) asks us to share our unpopular bookish opinions. However, I thought I would hone in on one unpopular bookish opinion and share ten examples of it instead. Perhaps one of my most controversial book habits is that I often annotate and … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I’ve (Shamelessly & Proudly) Written In

I Visited Willa Cather’s Grave

One day while reading a short bio of Willa Cather I stumbled upon the fact that she's buried in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, only an hour and a half from where I live. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic. I was shocked when I learned she's buried in NH because I knew she was born … Continue reading I Visited Willa Cather’s Grave

THE SONG OF THE LARK by Willa Cather | Review

I'm back with a review of yet another novel by Willa Cather, this being the fourth book I've read by her. Set primarily in a small Colorado town, The Song of the Lark is the story of a girl's journey to stardom as she endeavors to leave her local life behind in pursuit of music. Protagonist Thea … Continue reading THE SONG OF THE LARK by Willa Cather | Review

My Personal Canon | 2017

Recently Jillian @ To Begin with I Read Jane Eyre created a post about her own personal literary canon and requested that I do the same. The goal is to compose a list of books that have greatly influenced your life, that you consider to be your favorite books, etc. I think this is a really … Continue reading My Personal Canon | 2017

Is there a RIGHT time to read a book? | Discussion

Have you ever started reading a book you're really excited about, only to find after a few pages that it's just not really... clicking with you? I think that the time in your life when you read a book can definitely impact your opinion of the work. For example, I primarily read Young Adult books … Continue reading Is there a RIGHT time to read a book? | Discussion

My Ideal Book Conference Panel | Discussion

Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic day! Recently I was contacted by Eventbrite, the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world, to write a post as part of their effort to promote local event-planning. Eventbrite works with people to find and plan successful, fun, and exciting events in their areas. If you would … Continue reading My Ideal Book Conference Panel | Discussion

MY ÁNTONIA by Willa Cather

“Whatever else was gone, Ántonia had not lost the fire of life.”  My Ántonia by Willa Cather blindsided me with its brilliance. I had never heard of it or the mastermind behind it until it became assigned reading for my Cultural Diversity in American Literature class. Even reading a brief description of this novel before … Continue reading MY ÁNTONIA by Willa Cather